Flexible International Shipping Solutions For Your Business

Flexible Solutions For Your Business

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Flexible International Shipping Solutions For Your Business

How Our Cross-Border Delivery Services Work

We make shipping from Malaysia to overseas easy for your business. Whether you require end-to-end delivery services or just customs clearance, we got you covered.

1. Parcel Pickups

After scheduling a pick up on your Ninja Dashboard, one of our Ninja will collect your parcels in Malaysia. Alternatively, you can choose to drop off your parcels at your nearest PUDO points nationwide.

2. Export Clearance
3. Freight Solution

Your parcels depart from Malaysia for the destination country by air freight or trucking, depending on the service lane.

4. Import Clearance

Upon reaching their destination countries, your parcels will go through local import clearance with the relevant documents and checks.

5. Last Mile Delivery

Once customs are cleared, parcels are loaded and prepared for delivery within destination country.

6. Doorstep Delivery

Parcels are delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. If the recipient isn’t available during the time of delivery, they can opt for the parcel to be left at a secure location.

Freight Options

Choose the freight option that works best for your business.

Air Freight

We recommend the air freight option for urgent delivery as it has the shortest lead time. Enjoy attractive air freight rates while ensuring that your shipment arrives on time.

Land Freight

Ship bulky parcels to neighbouring countries and reduce your international shipping costs. Trucking is a great option for bulk shipping and allows you to ship special commodities that are prohibited on planes.

Sea Freight

Shipping bulky parcels from China? We offer both LCL and FCL depending on your bulk delivery requirements. Sensitive and fragile products are handled with care.

Customs Clearance

Bulk shipments meant for business purposes such as restocking go through B2B customs clearance. It can be a tricky process as regulations differ vastly across Southeast Asian countries. Depending on the commodity type, additional documents or licenses may be required for customs clearance. For smooth bulk delivery, it is important to understand the export and import requirements specific to your shipment and to stay up to date with customs regulations.

Duties For International B2B Shipment

Shipping to Singapore

Singapore: 7% GST + Import Tax

Shipping to Malaysia

Malaysia: 10% SST + Import Tax

Shipping to Thailand

Thailand 7% VAT + Import tax

Shipping to Indonesia

Indonesia: 10% VAT + Import Tax

Shipping to Vietnam

Vietnam: 10% VAT + Import Tax

Shipping to Philippines

Philippines: 12% VAT + Import Tax

Customs Regulations

B2B customs clearance require more documents than B2C customs clearance. Controlled goods are categorised into prohibited and restricted goods. Prohibited goods are not allowed to be exported or imported while restricted goods require authorisation from relevant agency to move across borders.

Customs Clearance Documents
Airway Bill, Commercial Invoice and Packing List (CIPL) are required for B2B customs clearance. Additional documents will be required if you are shipping restricted goods.
Special-Handling Products
There are goods that are not restricted nor prohibited but may require a material safety data sheet (MSDS) when shipped as the nature of its contents may cause flight safety issues. Common categories include liquids, electronics and powders.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you are ready to start shipping or would like professional advice on your international shipment from Malaysia to overseas, reach out to us today! We’ll figure out what the best shipping options are to suit your needs.